Mrs. Larue

We have met with Dr. Rebecca Wilfrey , the last person known to have seen Ike Larue. She states “He was tryin’ convince me he was sick so that he could leave the obedience school. He was so melodramatic that I couldn’t even. I’ve never such disrespect in my life. I mean telling me how to do my job? Who does he think he is. I can’t stand him, he’s so ugh! I never want him to come back. Most dogs at the obedience school like it. Ike was so needy, and thought he was better than everyone else. I will not allow him to come back here ever. ever. ever. ever.

New Life

Hi, my name is Dedra. I was a slave until I won my freedom. I am moving west because I have nothing, and if I find gold I can start a new life. I will make the trip,west in a wagon train. I am going to have a ranch with cattle. While on the way there I met my future husband, Manuel. We got married on August 4th. A few months later my husband went to guard our land near the reservations. When he came home that cowboy went straight  to the caves to mine  from the gold rush. We had a good life, that got much better when I got a telegraph saying my niece had a baby. We put a lot of hard work into our life and now we pass down our good fortune. We wish the best for our 3 kids, 4 grandkids, and a farm full of animals.

My Life

Hi. I’m Ananiah. You might have heard of my father Kevin Durant. My dad never has time for me. All he does is play basketball, go to interviews, and sleep. Sometimes I think he loves his shoes, and basketball more than he loves me. My best friend , Semaya, knows me better than he does. all i hear at school is Kevin Durant this and Kevin Durant that. Semaya is the only person who is my friend for me and not for who my dad is. My mom died when I was young, and my dad doesn’t understand how to be parent without her. It was almost Father’s Day, when me and Semmy started making my dad’s gift. On Father’s  Day me and my dad ate breakfast in bed, played basketball, and watched tv. I gave him a pocket watch with a background picture of mom. He asked me what he could give me to equal his present., and I told him that the greatest thing he could give me was his time. From then on we were always together.