Plymouth doesn’t have a rule saying if you don’t work you don’t eat.

The location of the first Thanksgiving.

You would be apart of history as a pilgrim!!!!

You can be male or female to come.

The second permanent English settlement.

The pictures are of the mayflower flag, the 1620 Rock, 1620.

The Adventures of Wrap-a-luna

Wrap-a-luna is at her homecoming in the dark woods at midnight. She is sad because she doesn’t get a mum, she’s a mum-less mummy!!!!!!!!! She was so sad that she unraveled herself and cried in the restroom. She finally decided to go on a long hard journey to meet Prince Harming, the bloodiest, scariest, cheesiest mummy all around.  On this long journey she would have to climb Mt. St. Headless, and go through Blood Flower forest. This will be a great adventure for Wrap-a-luna. She finished her journey and married Prince Harming. Then an amazing thing happened…. the   mum-less mummy became a mommy mummy!!!!! She was so excited and now there TWIN wrap-a-babies! She decided to name them Wrap-a-lena, and Prince Harming ll. One day when the kids came home from school they found their dad kneeling down sobbing his eyes out. Then the kids saw a track of blood going in their mom’s room. They opened it then quickly shut it again.



9-11 Reflections

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9-11 was a sad and emotional day for everyone. A lot of lives were lost. The Twin Towers were destroyed, a plane crashed in Pennsylvania, and there was an attack on the pentagon. Our country was traumatized. It all started when a plane flew into the North Tower. Then there was another hit on the South Tower. Then there was a crash on the western facade of the Pentagon. Meanwhile the Twin Towers collapsed. As well as this was happening another hijacked plane was in the air. It was heading to the White House. Thankfully the passengers were brave enough to take over the plane again which took there own lives as well as saving a lot more. That plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

A bunch of people died, but are now known as HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Life in 5th Grade

Fifth grade is awesome.  You feel like the senior in school. You still have to obey the rules but you are older than everyone. It is nice having so many people look up to you.  I expect to learn more and be better at things I wasn’t so good at last year. I look forward to being introduced to american history, with Mrs. McFall.  Math with Mrs. Brantley is different than with Mrs. Ummel. Mrs. Brantley does x and division, etc. Spelling is awesome to but pretty much the same as last year so far. Mac’s class is super fun  we do hands on experiments, and test that prepare us for them.      Mrs. Owens is funny and nice and very helpful in reading. I love 5th grade everyone is kind. Coach Underwood does       P.E.  Mrs. Ritchey does music and is continuing to teach us recorder and starting to teach ukelele . I want to be in choir again this year, with Rhi.  Mrs.Peery is doing computer lab again. Coach Headley will do Healthy Bodies for her second year. Ms. Secord will do rooted this year for only fifth graders ( I am in it). I play upward basketball and  I also play volleyball.  I am in a class with all my friends but it is a struggle, and I know I can do it! I love fifth grade and you will too.