Ox-Eyed Daisy


It is a hard perennial, often forming dense colonies once established.
The leaves are very thick and feel leathery to the touch.
It has a yellow center and white pedals.Its height is 1-2 feet and its blooming period is may-july.
It grows all over texas.

Get to Know Mrs.Clifts Class

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I like to play outside, go canoeing, and play basketball, but what I love is art, and anything with it, ’cause art is important to me.

In my art I feel my emotions like; anger,sadness, joy, and hope,etc. But I show them in my color pallet choices, and background, but I express those emotions through my pieces. This one reason why art is important to me.

I feel that creating is an important part of art. Creating captures the emotions and doesn’t just express them, but mends them into strong pieces. I once created a piece with joy and anger, it was called Fire & Ice.

The tools are probably the most important part of art. You couldn’t paint, draw, or even have paper without tools! Tools are very important parts of art.

Art is not something you can just throw away, art is inside of me and you, and it is important to me.